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Insightful Modelling

We specialize in developing mechanistic mathematical models that provide an understanding of real-world phenomena


What We Do

Industrial Research and Developement

We develop and analyse mathematical models that provide an understanding of complex systems.


In-house training

We provide tailored training for your team about mathematical modelling and relevant mathematical techniques.

Academic research

We conduct cutting edge research with colleagues in universities around the world using mathematical models.



We are delighted to be part of a successful HRC grant entitled “A novel intracranial baroreceptor mechanism for blood pressure control.” The project is a collaboration between Prof Julian Paton and Dr Fiona McBryde, the University of Auckland (co-Principal Investigators), Dr Alona Ben-Tal, Insightful Modelling (Associate Investigator) and Prof Alex Gourine, University College London, UK (Associate Investigator).

A lay summary of the project is available here.


Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling is the process of translating a real-world situation into mathematical equations, analysing these equations, and relating the results back to the real-world. Mathematical modelling is particularly powerful when several processes interact or when a complex process changes over time. In these situations, our intuition often fails and mathematical modelling provides an invaluable understanding of the real-world phenomenon. It also helps us make sense of data and integrate information.

Hear Alona Ben-Tal talk on Radio NZ about the new perspective mathematical modelling can provide

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About us

Insightful Modelling is a limited liability company, Insightful Modelling Limited, registered in New Zealand.

We are an IRD approved research provider.

We specialize in developing mechanistic mathematical models that provide an understanding of real-world phenomena.

The company was founded by Alona Ben-Tal who saw the need for more use of mathematical modelling in industrial research and development.

More about the director, Dr Alona Ben-Tal

Alona Ben-Tal is an experienced mathematical modeller who enjoys solving problems using Mathematics. She was trained as a mechanical engineer (BSc and MSc from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology) and worked for a couple of years in the Israel Electric Corporation before pursuing a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Auckland. Following a New Zealand Science and Technology Post-Doctoral fellowship at the Bioengineering Institute in Auckland, Alona worked at Massey University, Albany Campus, between 2005 and January 2022, as a lecturer, senior lecturer and an Associate Professor in Mathematics. Alona taught mathematical modelling at the university for many years and is now keen to put all her knowledge into practice.

Alona is an honorary academic and a member of Manaaki Mānawa – The Centre for Heart Research at the University of Auckland. She currently develops mathematical models of the cardio-respiratory system as part of a Health Research Council of New Zealand program. Other projects she worked on previously include: developing a Boolean network that can explain how the breathing pattern is controlled in the brainstem, developing a model that can explain how the air in the lungs of birds flows in one direction and analysing a mathematical model that explains the appearance of sudden voltage spikes (ferroresonance) in the electric grid.

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